Consultancy Services

Wongpanit provides your organizations with guidance on Environmental Quality Management, Training Arrangements as well as Waste material and Industrial Waste Management from upstream, midstream, and downstream of the process.

Waste Management Process

The collection of waste that has been obtained will be separated at the source and recycling the waste into new value-added products. The company hopes to make the cleaning industry's efforts toward a clean, sustainable world and to promote consumers' health and to help community generate sustainable income.

“We solely believe to progress toward a world without garbage”

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Destruction Service for Confidential documents and Others

" With international standard and state-of-the-art machinery"

Official document destruction provider for 50 districts of Bangkok

Confidential document destruction provider for hospitals

Confidential document destruction provider at Government Complex

Onsite document collection service at customer’s location and document destruction provider at Top Secret Destruction Co., Ltd

Trusted to dispose infringing goods that reach the Final Judgement for the Department of Intellectual Property under the supervision of Ministry of Commerce, DSI, and The Customs Department Captions

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Trusted to dispose infringing goods that reach the Final Judgement Trusted to dispose arcade cabinets for National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and Royal Thai Police