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Tuesday ,Jan 16 2024

Product Type Purchase PricePrice Adjustment
1Cast Iron11.00Constant
2Thick Steel (cut in short) + Engine Steel12.00Constant
3Thick Steel - not cut11.00Constant
4Sliced Steel (mixed) + Metal Nail+ Wire Rope Sling + Brake Pad10.30Constant
5Old Corrugated Cardboard A(OCC)3.40 0.10
6Used White Paper 6.30 1.00
7Shredded Paper2.30Constant
9Used cooking oil tank7.00Constant
10Used Cooking Oil (KG)15.00Constant
11Scrapping Motors 13.50Constant
12Copper No.1 (Peeled)253.00Constant
13Thick Brass163.00Constant
14Aluminum Can50.00Constant
15 Lead Solder48.00Constant
16Stainless No. 1 / piece32.00Constant
17Clear Broken Glass2.50Constant
18Leo Beer (12 Bottles / Box)15.00Constant
19Big Bottle Chang Beer (12 Bottles / Box) (New-Type)14.00Constant
20Clean Mixed Plastic5.00Constant
21Clean PET Bottle (clear)16.50 1.00
22PVC Boots2.50Constant
23PVC Pipe (blue)3.00Constant
24Acrylic Scrap 10.00Constant


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To maximize the utilization of resources, reusing and recycling resources can help increase product value, conserve natural resources, and save energy. Additionally, preservation of the natural environment is essential for maintaining community sustainability, providing opportunities for employment and income generation and eventually stepping towards country ‘s stronger economic growth. “Think of saving environment, Think of Wongwanich Suwanabhumi”

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